MARs - Module Autonomous Robot System 
Autonomous robots and artificial intelligence represent the bleeding edge technologies in their respective spectrum. MARs serves as an embodiment and convergence of advanced software and hardware development. Furthermore, it is designed to be the foundation of a future-proof modular platform that aims to enhance the efficiency of the human-robot collaborative context.
Modular Autonomous Robot Architecture 
The system design is founded on the basis of modularity and extends itself through compatible and upgradeable top-mounted modules, which redefines its specialized application in various contextual environments and user scenarios, including medical clinics, industrial warehouses, emergency response and aerospace. The interchangeable modules complement each other and become an interconnected network through an internal network.
^ Mobile Storage - Transportation Module
Mobile storage aims to efficiently and securely transport medical supplies punctually on a regular basis.
^ UVC Disinfection Module
The disinfection robot utilizes the ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) method to disinfect surfaces in the hospital environment.
^ Long Range Interregional Drone System 
A radically redesigned drone with integration into MAR cloud computing system for long-range interregional transportation.
^ D-Port (Left) + Changing Station (Right) 
D-Port functions as a landing and charging platform for heavy lift drones with magnetic anchors on contact surfaces. The  Airlift module can enter effortlessly and transfer its content to the drone above for inter-hospital flight. D-port features an IP67 construction will rubber sealing between structures. Ensuring content is weather-proof during transport.
Changing Station features a “fork-lift” like design to electronically lift top-mounted modules for efficient interchanging. The transmitting end of the wireless charger is integrated into the changing station. Charging is activated upon proximity detection. Changing Stations can be chained up to a maximum of 5 units, sharing electricity and data, and minimizing setup costs.
^iF Design Night 2024 (Award Ceremony) - Berlin, Germany
As a representative of Novasdyne, Tony Chui (Co-Founder & CDO) attended iF Design Night Award Ceremony held in the historical building - Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin Germany on 29th April 2024. Everyone at Novasdyne is thrilled and honoured to received the prestigious iF Design Award, one of the highest honour in the creative industry following our success with Red Dot from 2023. Gratitude toward the iF Design Organisation and professional juries from around the world!
^Red Dot Design Award 2023 Ceremony - Singapore
On behalf of Novasdyne, Jacky Shin (Co-Founder & CEO), Tony Chui (Co-Founder & CDO) and Kong Xiao Jian (Co-Founder & CTO) received the prestigious award at the Red Dot Design Award Ceremony on 27th September 2023 held in Singapore. We are remarkably honoured to win a Red Dot which marks another milestone for the company’s development and acknowledges the hard effort from teams at Novasdyne. We express our gratitude to the Red Dot Design Award Committee and the creative community, and we will continue to pursue excellence in the upcoming journey! 
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